CPI Areas 2018

In 2018 the CPI program changed the areas and area codes for which it provides data. Some areas were added, some discontinued, and some have different geographic codes. To accommodate this, we added an areatype 41 (2018 CPI Areas) to the recommended values and a new set of sub-national area codes to the geog table. If you load the CPIPLUS data from the ARC or CPI data for you state from the BLS you will need to make changes to the lookup tables.

For more details on the change, see the BLS documentation.

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NAICS 2017

The NAICS coding structure has been revised.  While the recommended indcode has not been changed in the WID, revisions will need to be made to lookup tables to avoid foreign key violations as new data comes out.  Updates to indcodes (full or just the additions) and naiccode are available.

QCEW data is being reported using new codes and how that is implemented and affects imports to EXPO will vary from state to state.

CES data code changes took affect with 2018 data and requires new codes to be added. For state level data there may be additional changes – series are sometimes added and dropped for other reasons and those changes take affect with January data.

For details of the CES changes, look at the BLS documentation.

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