The indcodes table contains industry codes of all types. It references the indtypes table. Depending on what tables your state populates and how long the historical series is, which code types you need may vary quite a bit.

Data Sources

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NAICS 2017 had primarily additions to the coding structure, so it was added to indcodes using the same indcodtyp as NAICS 2012

NAICS Crosswalks

2012 NAICS  Structure
2007, 2002, 1997 NAICSQCEW switched from SIC to 2002 NAICS and back-coded data to 2000. The earliest NAICS codes for most of our products are from 2002
SICDiscontinued SICCODEStandard Industrial Classification (SIC) was in use prior to 2000.  Questions about it still come up from people doing historical research
Census CodesMultiple versions CENIND
Census, ACS, and CPS – surveys conducted by the Census Bureau – all use their own coding systems dictated by the survey design.  They provide classification systems and crosswalks
CES Codes Available series CESCODEThis is a NAICS-based structure that has been modified to suit the survey methodology and universe of the CES program.  Because the data is intended for use in a time series, when codes are revised they are applied retroactively to the historic series
Matrix Codes BLS Documentation INDDIRThe Projections program combines the industry structures from several programs and outputs data in NAICS, but with some non-standard codes

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Variable by industry coding type.

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