Recent Updates – 7/18

  • Previous versions of the CPI files contained periodtype 06. That was incorrect – it was for data that should have been periodtype 07, and also that data is not usually included in the CPI files.  Current versions remove those records.
  • The periodtype values in the data dictionary  (page 11) contained a typo.  The error was corrected and titles were edited for clarity.
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Recent Updates – 7/7

07/07 – Errata and new version of WID 2.7 data dictionary

07/07— CES Tables


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State Tax Receipts

We’ve updated the Census Bureau’s estimates of state tax collections for potential use in the WID TAX table.  This has resulted in the creation of an additional TAXTYPEs.   National and state estimates are available for selected years between 1902 and 1948 and 1950-2016.  The estimates for 2016 are new.  No additional changes have been made.

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