New Year Tasks

At the start of the new year, don’t forget to update your PERIOD table with new records for the year, months and any other time frames you use (quarters, etc.)

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Military Crosswalk Updated

The Department of Defense has released their November 2016 update to their crosswalk from military to civilian occupations. Find a link to information about this latest update and for downloading the file from the NCSC’s WID Non-Standard Tables page.

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 BLS Adds NAICS 2012/2017 features to web site
This web application provides a search feature as well as access to downloadable files containing titles, descriptions, cross references, illustrative examples and index items. It contains all of this information for both the 2012 and 2017 NAICS versions.
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Workforce GPS web site

This web site, sponsored by the Employment and Training Administration, provides a variety of resources that are useful in dealing with the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity ACT (WIOA) and other features of our current environment. Be sure to visit LMI Central.
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ARC Meeting

The ARC is meeting April 4-6.  Let us know if there’s anything you think we should discuss.

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