2018 BLS LMI Directors’ Conference
State Day Presentations
Tuesday, May 22, 2018

American Community Survey data has been used by many states to describe worker characteristics, support WIOA annual plans, and answer many other questions that LMI shops are asked.  This session provides examples of state products based on ACS data and shows some tools that can help states navigate the data.

PMP Update from Ken Poole, Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness

Mathew Barewicz (VT), current member of the Workforce Information Advisory Council (WIAC), provides an update on the progress of the WIAC.  Mat will discuss the composition of the WIAC, the charge, the process and the recommendations the WIAC will be making to the Secretary of Labor to improve the LMI system.  See his presentation here — WIAC_Barewicz.

Enhancement of Wage Records has been a crucial method states have used to expand their product base.  We’ll look at some states’ experiences with adding information to their wage records and the value they can add.

Education and Workforce Alignment continues to challenge LMI shops.  This session presents some state methods and products that try to crack that nut.

Data visualizations are a common way of presenting complex patterns in our data in easy-to-comprehend ways.  See how various states are using Tableau to create displays that help customers understand LMI and also to streamline processes leading to significant cost savings.